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Welcome to Home Patrol's blog. Home Patrol's goal is to raise awareness on environmental and animal issues and give people information on how they can make a difference to our planet.

Saving the environment is the most important topic of our generation. Home Patrol is a group of young children who want to do our part to help in some way. We have decided to start this blog, which will post articles, facts, pictures, stories, and tips related to animals and the environment.

We are beyond excited about this project. There are so many things we can do together! There is no Planet B.

Home Patrol wouldn't be a thing without all the wonderful children volunteering to help. In December 2019, we had our first Home Patrol meeting. We talked about what Home Patrol is really about and made plans. During that meeting, we split into four different groups to discuss different themes.  These groups helped shape this blog:

1) The "Featured Animal" group focused on an animal voted by home patrol as the "Animal of the day". You can read more about this animal on the 


2)The "News group" based their discussion on the "Strawpocalypse" Video, which talked about plastic, its effects on the planet and ways we can reduce its use. You can find out more on the

3) The interview group brainstormed interesting people we can talk to and what we could ask. We plan to conduct interviews and post them on the 




4) The "What Home Patrol is reading" group discussed different environmental books and then presented their favorite to the group. To see our Read of the Month, go to the 

It was amazing getting together and we hope our next meeting will be soon! 







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