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At our first Home Patrol meeting, the group in charge of the Book section had the difficult task of selecting a winner among five great finalists.


We are pleased to announce that Home Patrol's "Read of the Month" is Survival by Louise McNaught.

Survival is a powerful picture book about saving endangered animal species for young readers.

Winged migration

The documentary “Winged Migration” is a  fascinating film with many breathtaking scenes! “Winged migration” shows all the different birds that migrate, traveling thousands of miles in search of food and a place where they can reproduce. It doesn’t have much dialogue but the  videos show more feeling and compassion then anyone’s words ever could. You almost feel like you are traveling with the birds  as they gracefully fly to their destination. It's also sad at times, showing poachers shooting them down-migrating is NOT a piece of cake! The film shows their struggle and what they have to go through! It's kind of ironic really...them flying through bad weather and struggle just to AVOID bad weather and struggle? I bet you have never thought about it that way, have you?

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