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Bad Balloon??

Releasing Balloons Is Terrible For The Environment

Balloons are very harmful to our beautiful earth! Don’t be fooled by their vibrant colors and the joy they bring to young kids! There is more than one way for things for things to go wrong with balloons! Some things that can happen are:

1. If they go too high up soon enough the balloon will pop and fall back down to earth (and maybe in the ocean)

2. If they don’t pop on their own then they will most likely be popped by a tree branch and then fall to the ground

3. Sometimes a balloon could just randomly fly into the ocean! And from their colors very often turtles will mistake them for jellyfish (their lunch)

And those are some things of what could happen if balloons get released! Please try to cut down your use of balloons!

There is no planet B.


Haris E

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